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Several years ago, area business leaders and educators came together to address an issue: how to increase the number of Darke County students who go to college.

After researching college access programs throughout the state and receiving a start-up grant from the Ohio College Access Network, the Darke County College Access Program was started in 2006.

The Darke County College Access Program, a member of the Ohio College Access Network, is modeled after successful college access programs in Ohio. It began offering advising, educational programming and scholarships in the Greenville City School District. In 2008, the program expanded to include Ansonia high school and in 2015 expanded to Franklin Monroe high school.

In 2010, the Darke County College Access Program board changed the organization’s name to Bridges to College to better reflect its mission.

To date, the organization has served hundreds of students and parents through its educational and advising programs. In addition, Bridges to College has awarded over $100,00 in scholarships to students since 2007.

In the coming years, Bridges to College wants to increase its impact in Darke County by serving more students in its member schools and expanding to other high schools in the county.

You can be part of this success story by volunteering or by donating to the program!

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